Rolling security closure
Section 08330


1.1 Summary:

1.1.1 Work includes:

Supply and install model Roll-Guard by MobilFlex (1-800-501-3539) rolling security closure, aluminum overhead rolling security grille. Electric wiring by others. Related section: 16000 Electrical.

1.1.2 Submittals:

Submit manufacturer's product data, specifications, installation instructions, shop drawings with layout, fabrication and installation details and samples, including finish.

1.1.3 Quality assurance: components from a single manufacturer with resources to provide consistent quality in appearance. manufacturer approved installers. year guarantee on parts and labour.

1.1.4 Site requirement : 6" (155mm), 7" (177mm) for closures greater than 300 sqf (65m2), shall be made in the ceiling to allow easy operation. 24" X 24" (600mm X 600mm) acces panel shall be supplied by other trade in the ceiling, one under motor and one under charging wheel. structure shall be accessible to allow support structure installation.


2.1 Manufacturer:

MobilFlex Folding & Rolling Closures inc
Tel: 1-800-501-3539
Fax: 1-800-470-3539

2.2 Rolling security closure:

Roll-Guard (open style, closer rods & links) model by MobilFlex (1-800-501-3539). Curtain shall be constructed of horizontal sections of full width, concealed 5/16” (8mm) diameter rods spaced at 1 1⁄4” (32mm) high on center by 5/8” (16mm) x 3 1/8” (79mm) vertical links spaced at 9” (229mm) intervals. All horizontal rods are covered by 7/16" (11mm) diameter aluminum horizontal spacer tubes leaving 13/16" (21mm) spacing between tubes.

2.2.1 Support Structure:

2.2.1 text 3” (76mm) X 3” (76mm) structural tubes with 0.120 (3mm) wall thickness furnished by MobilFlex to be pre-drilled and tapped for guides and end plates. Tubes to be attached to the floor slab and joists above. Attachment at top is for lateral support only. 2” (50mm) X 3” (76mm) steel angles for face of wall installation. (instead of steel tubes).” (101mm) X 4” (101mm) structural tubes (for openings over 250 sqft (2.3m2).

2.2.2 End Plates:

Furnish steel plates not less than 3/16” (4.7mm) thick (with dimensions appropriate to coil size) to support the ends of the barrel assembly with sealed, self-aligning shaft bearings. End plates bolted to support tubes.

2.2.3 Barrel:

Minimum 6 5/8” (168mm) diameter X 0.156 (4mm) wall steel pipe barrel will be designed to carry curtain load with a maximum allowable deflection of 0.03” per foot of closure width (2.3mm per linear meter in width). Barrel to house a torsion spring counter-balance assembly to counter-balance the curtain.

2.2.4 Counter Balance:

Oil tempered, helical torsion spring(s) pre-lubricated and secured around a continuous, solid, cold rolled steel inner shaft will act as counter balance within barrel. Shaft will bear on self aligning, permanently lubricated ball bearing assemblies. Counterbalance assembly to be designed for a minimum life of 20,000 cycles. Spring to be site tensioned by attached, accessible charging wheel.

Please choose between 2.2.5 or 2.2.6

2.2.5 Manually Operated:

Standard closure to be manually operated push up, pull down with removable retrieval rod as standard. The effort to raise or lower the grille shall not exceed 15 pounds (7kg) force. (Optional but not recommended, hand chain hoist or hand crank with removable crank handle). Closures over 16 feet (4.8 m) wide should be electrically operated.

2.2.6 Electric Motor Operator:

Motor operator shall be industrial duty, jackshaft hoist type. Primary reduction shall be heavy-duty belt drive with chain-and-sprocket secondary reduction. Mechanism is to be self-locking when torque is applied to output shaft. Operator shall have an adjustable, torque limiting friction clutch. The motor operator shall have a built-in interlock that will prevent the grille from being damaged if operated electrically when in the locked position. Emergency Egress Release:

Supply a flush manually activated emergency egress device to disengage motor in case of an emergency.

Option Interrupteur électrique à clé: (Optionnel)

Control station (when applicable) shall be two position, open/close, constant pressure type for flush mounting, housed in a tamper-proof enclosure (key switch to replace push button set).

2.2.7 Guides:

Vertical curtain guides are to be of extruded aluminum 1 3⁄4” (4.4mm) wide x 2 1⁄2” (6.4mm) deep with nylon brush seal to allow smooth operation.

2.2.8 Bottom Bar:

Heavy duty extruded aluminum section, bell-shaped to provide reinforcement. Bottom bar to house lock mechanism. Underside of bottom bar shall be removable to allow service or replacement of lock mechanism.Center lock mechanism to be 2-point deadlock which activates 3/8” (9.5mm) steel lock bars at each end. Standard MobilFlex cylinders operable from both sides. Removal of bottom bar not necessary to change the cylinders.

2.2.9 Cylinders:

Locking bottom bar to be equipped with two MobilFlex 1” (2.5mm), 5 pin mortise cylinders inside and outside.

2.2.10 Material & finish:

Standard aluminum 6063-T5 shall be clear anodized finish.


2.2.11 Hood:

Supply a 2, 3 or 4 sides (please choose) 0.032” (0.8mm) clear anodized hood to cover barrel and rolling grille.


3.1 Inspection:

The installer shall verify that that the opening dimensions are as shown on MobilFlex’s shop drawing(s) prior to proceeding with the installation. Check condition of vertical grille guides for damage or pinching by recessing materials or other trade’s fasteners driven into guide extrusions.

3.2 Installation of rolling security closure:

3.2.1Installation shall be by an installer approved and trained by the manufacturer in strict accordance with installation guide.
3.2.2Explain and review the correct locking, operation and maintenance of the rolling security closure.
3.2.3Installation of any motor operators, control switches and related wiring shall be by a locally certified electrician and shall be in strict accordance with local building codes. Electric wiring shall be excluded from this section.