(Opaque Solid)

Part 1 General
1.01 General
A. Supply and install where indicated
folding aluminum closure model “Global” as manufactured by MobilFlex Inc.
TEL FAX 418-831-6652 (1-800-501-FLEX-3539)
418-831-7817 (1-800-470-FLEX-3539)

1.02 Exclusions
A. Work not included in this section: preparation of the opening, overhead track supports, storage pockets, miscellaneous trim and field painting.

1.03 Submittals
A. Submittals (shop drawings, installation instructions, operation and maintenance instructions) shall be in accordance with general instructions.

Part 2 Product
2.01 Model type
A.Global” by MobilFlex Inc.

2.02 Curtain
A. The curtain is constructed of 6” (152mm) wide modules linked together by a continuous aluminum hinge. These hinges hold aluminum panels 5-3/8” (136mm) wide and 1/16” (1,6mm) thick completely recessed throughout their full height. The curtain consists of full height aluminum panels and composed of modules with a 15° angle between them to facilitate the operation of the closure.

2.03 Locking
A. Lead post shall be equipped with a hook bolt lock with MobilFlex cylinders each side.
B. Lead post shall engage a full height wall jamb.
C. Trailing post shall be self-locking at the top and bottom inside the storage pocket.
D. Free floating intermediate posts shall be locate at all curves and at recommended intervals of 10 feet (3m) or 5 feet (1,5m) for counter top units. Intermediate posts shall be equipped with self-adjusting spring loaded drop bolts activated from the inside only. Drop bolts shall engage dustproof stainless steel receptacles.

(Opaque Solid)
2.04 Track
A. Curtain shall be hung from an overhead track 1-5/16” (33mm) wide by 1-9/16” (40mm) high. Track shall be
B. Curves where required shall be 14” (356mm) radius standard.

2.05 Stacking
A. Stacking shall not exceed a depth of 1.15” per foot of closure width plus 3” for each post (lead, end or intermediate). (95mm/lin. m + 76mm per post). Full egress doors add 7” (178mm).

2.06 Finish
A. Finish shall be standard clear anodized or acrylic paint in white, black, medium bronze #40, light bronze #26.

Part 3 Installation
3.01 Inspection.
A. Verify that other trades have completed all preparation work.
B. Verify dimensions of opening prior to installation.

3.02 Installation
A. Install closure as per printed instructions from MobilFlex and approved shop drawing.
B. Clean and adjust closure to ensure smooth operation.
Options (extra charge)

MobilFlex closures are complete as described in the above specifications.
Following options are available if modifications or improvements are required.

Locking (section 2.03)
  Top and bottom locking posts with key cylinders one or both sides are available for either end of the curtain.
  Large sections may be divided by incorporating bi-part units as intermediate posts.
  Second hook bolts on lead, end or biparts (recommended for closures over 12’ (3,7m) high or for more security).
  High security or master keyed lock cylinders (Medeco, Best, U change It, etc) customer supplied and factory fitted.
  Solid aluminum block covering cylinder lock for additional protection (specify Mobilguard cylinder protection).
  Architect to decide side of lock cylinders.
  Additional intermediate post with shoot bolt to floor or counter.
Track (section 2.04)
  10” (254mm) radius curves (indicate location on plans).
  Special radius curves (indicate location and radius on plans).

Finish (section 2.06)
  Architect may select special color, finish to be polyurethane (extra cost).

Egress compliance
  Bi-part egress door (bi-part post with interior thumb turn activation). Ideal choice.
  Full egress door 38” x 80” (965mm x 2032mm) (where required by local building code). This egress door should be used only when the bi-part egress is refused (extra cost).