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Rolling security closure
Section 08330


1.1 Summary:

1.1.1 Work includes:

Supply and install model Cabinet Shutter by MobilFlex (1-800-501-3539) rolling security closure.

1.1.2 Submittals:

Submit manufacturer's product data, specifications, installation instructions, shop drawings with layout, fabrication and installation details and samples, including finish.

1.1.3 Quality assurance: components from a single manufacturer with resources to provide consistent quality in appearance. manufacturer approved installers. year guarantee on parts and labour.

1.1.4 Site requirement : millwork grooves and lining by cabinet manufacturer. (No guides included) Finished inside groove dimensions to be 3⁄4” x 3⁄4” (19x19mm). Grooves to be lined with a smooth and resistant material. Ideal radius to be 5” (127mm), minimum radius 3” (76mm). of lateral cabinet walls to be a minimum of 1 1⁄2” (38mm).


2.1 Manufacturer:

MobilFlex Folding & Rolling Closures inc
Tel: 1-800-501-3539
Fax: 1-800-470-3539

2.2 Rolling security closure:

Cabinet Shutter (solid aluminum slats) model by MobilFlex (1-800-501-3539). Curtain shall be constructed of interlocking extruded aluminum slat sections. Each slat shall be made of continuous 0,050" (1.3mm) thick aluminum extrusion, 1 1⁄2” (38mm) high by 3/8” (9.5mm) deep. 5/8” (16mm) dia bearings are attached to the ends of every third slat to allow for a smooth operation.

2.2.1 Bottom Bar:

Tubular extruded aluminum section, 1 1⁄4” (32mm) wide by 3” (76mm) high. Bottom bar to house lock mechanism. Center lock mechanism to be 2-point deadlock which activates 5/16” (8mm) steel lock bars at each end. Standard MobilFlex cylinder operable from the exterior side. Removal of bottom bar not necessary to change the cylinders.

2.2.2 Cylinders:

Locking bottom bar to be equipped with MobilFlex 1” (2.5mm), 5 pin mortise cylinder.

2.2.3 Counter Balance:

A bungee cord attached to the top slat of the curtain and to the back of the cabinet provides the necessary tension to counter balance the weight of the curtain when operated.

2.2.4 Material & finish:

Standard aluminum 6063-T5 shall be clear anodized finish.


3.1 Inspection:

The installer shall verify that the opening dimensions are as shown on MobilFlex’s shop drawing(s) prior to proceeding with the installation. The installation will be completed as soon as the site conditions respect the manufacturer’s recommendations.

3.2 Installation of rolling security closure:

3.2.1Installation shall be by the cabinet manufacturer in strict accordance with installation guide.
3.2.2Explain and review the correct locking, operation and maintenance of the rolling security closure.